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Deed Restrictions

Below is the list of Deed Restrictions for Tara Subdivision. Our subdivision is composed of five different filings, see map below. All five filings fall under the Unified Deed Restrictions. Each home owner is responsible to know what restrictions apply to their filing. Click on the deed restrictions below for your filing. Please note that it is very important to comply with the restrictions stated for your filing. Failure to do so can jeopardize any investment you make to your property. These restrictions are necessary to set standards for our community and help to keep everyone's property value secure.  


Filings and Lots

Filing 1                                                                              Lots 1-197


Filing 2                                                                              Lots 198-341


Filing 3                                                                              Lots 342-466


Filing 4                                                                              Lots 467-610


Filing 5                                                                             Lots 611-629

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