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Who We Are

The Tara Civic Association's (TCA) Board of Directors manages our subdivision. We are a non-profit organization. The Board of Directors and additional volunteers contribute many hours annually toward the betterment of Tara. The work of the Board is to keep our community vibrant and strong. The Civic Association has its General Membership Meeting in early May. Our newsletter, Tara Talk, is published quarterly and members have a choice of receiving the newsletter by either email or hard copy. Our email system keeps our residents up to date with current breaking news and announcements. If you are new to Tara, be sure you are included on our email list, or if you already are a resident and we do not have your email address, then join today at If your email address changes, please let us know!

Tara is zoned as an A-1 Single Family subdivision and even though most of the property surrounding us has been developed, we stay vigilant to keep the residential nature of our subdivision from unwanted commercial developments that are out of character with our neighborhood. We have a good working relationship with the surrounding neighborhood home owners associations whereby we support each other to protect our A-1 zoning and common interest.

TCA encourages a high quality of life by:

  • Providing security patrols
  • Working with the Dept. of Public Works to maintain the Boulevard
  • Keeping our entrances attractive and decorated for the holidays
  • Offering social events
  • Helping to resolve complaints from residents
  • Enforcing our deed restrictions
  • Representing our subdivision at the Federation of Greater Baton Rouge Civic Assoc. meetings

All of these efforts help to maximize our property values.

Tara Swim and Racquet Club

Tara residents are fortunate to have our very own Swim and Racquet Club here in our subdivision. This facility is a separate entity from the Tara Civic Association. You can find out more information by visiting

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