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Security Cameras are

an important tool to

help verify and solve crimes. 

Security Camera Access Policy

Consistent with the policy of other Crime Prevention Districts in the Baton Rouge area, the Tara Crime Prevention District Board adopted a Security Camera Access Policy.

The Procedure which will be used is as follows:

  • Whenever an incident occurs such as as burglary or suspicious incident, it must be reported to the police. Call 389-2000 to make the report.
  • An officer will be assigned to your call and a report will be taken.
  • If a resident has a description of the vehicle and the time frame in which the incident happened, the security cameras will be checked to see if information can be obtained.
  • The data collected on the cameras is typically retained for up to 30 days although this will vary somewhat from camera to camera depending upon the volume of data collected over time from the respective cameras.
  • This information will be used by police for their investigation purposes. Information collected can help law enforcement with crimes which happened in other areas also. Criminals are active in all subdivision! Hopefully these criminals will be caught and burglaries will be solved.

Security cameras are an important tool to help verify and solve crimes. We are fortunate to have the ability to do this. Residents must understand that there are many cars which pass through Tara. It is important to know at least the color of the car involved and a time frame in order to help identify the correct car when gathering information. A representative on the Crime Prevention District Board works with Custom Security and Police in securing the information from the cameras.

Home security systems are wonderful and can provide needed information. If you, or one of your neighbors, have a camera and it is aimed at the street, check to see what information is recorded. Residents can join the camera-share program, ConnectBlue BR Camera Directory program, to actively contribute to the safety of Baton Rouge.

Nextdoor is another tool which is helpful. After you have contacted police, post the incident on Nextdoor with as many details as possible. Your first step, if you have an incident, such as a burglary, at your home is to call 389-2000 and then post the incident. If you see something suspicious and want to share that with others, use Nextdoor

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