~ Working for the benefit of our community ~

Security is the # One priority of Tara

Security for the Tara Civic Association is handled by the Tara Crime Prevention District


Tara’s Private Patrol Units

         Josh Kirst          Dodge Charger    Unit # 1560 
        Jeremy Kirst      Dodge Charger     Unit # 1489
        Chris Kuhn         Ford Explorer        Unit # 1661 
        Alessha Kuhn    Chevrolet Tahoe   Unit # 430

To Report a Break-In or Suspicious Activity

  • If it is an emergency, call 911.
  • If not an emergency, call (225) 389-2000.
  • If one of our off duty officers are in the area, they will receive the call over their radio and respond immediately. If they are not on duty, the city will        respond by sending out an officer.
  • If you see a suspicious incident, use your cell phone and take a picture. It's a good way to record a suspicious license plate number or other                 things you may want to remember.


Ways We Can Help Each Other

  • Pick up a neighbor's paper or garbage can if they are not at home.
  • Inform your neighbor whenever you are leaving for a trip, even if it is just for a few days.
  • Do not leave your garbage cans on the street; be sure to keep them picked up.
  • Get to know your neighbors, and keep an eye out for any suspicious activities.

Vacation Patrols ~ Plan Ahead

Speed Limits

The speed limit on the Boulevard is 35 mph, and on the side streets it is 25 mph. Periodically, you will see our security patrol on the Boulevard as a reminder of the posted speed limit. Tara has many young families with small children, and everyone needs to be cautious about how fast they are traveling!