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Tara Is A Deed Restricted Subdivision

The Subdivision Restrictions for each Tara Subdivision filing specify that no building shall be erected, placed, or altered on any lot until construction plans and specifications showing the location of the structure has been submitted and approved by the Architectural Control Committee. This requirement helps to preserve the rights and property value of all Tara resident owners.

In addition to reviewing and approving or disapproving plans for any buildings, modifications or additions, the Architectural Committee is also responsible for investigating, reviewing, and handling violations of Tara Subdivision restrictions for all five filings. The Architectural Control Committee is elected by the Board of Directors of the Tara Civic Association.

There is a form available for use by residents who are planning to make revisions, modifications or additions to their property. If you are planning such a project, you must submit a completed copy of this form. Click here for the Property Owner's Application for Building or Remodeling form. Fill out and mail to the Architectural Control Committee (address on form). The committee will review the plans and will notify you of their approval or disapproval within thirty (30) days.

Please check the Board of Directors' Page for the name and telephone number of those who serve on the Architectural Control Committee, or you can contact the current Board President. If you have a question and cannot reach anyone, e-mail the Tara Civic Association at Your question will be directed to the appropriate person.

Residential Permit Office.... (225) 389-3205

To obtain any permits needed, contact this office.

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